Unwind this weekend on the perfect winter weekend camping trip.

Winter is here again and the icy cold days tend to keep people cooped up inside. If you feel like you've got cabin fever in your own home, follow the tips in this article and treat yourself to a cosy weekend away in one of the many NSW National Parks. Location Choosing the right location for your... Continue Reading →

Novocastrians rally against seismic testing off Newcastle

On Sunday March 18, over 500 locals gathered on the shores of Nobby's Beach to protest the federal government's green light on seismic testing. In sweltering 38-degree heat, the crowd chanted in protest and gathered in the formation of a beached dolphin. The protest came after the federal government approved an oil and gas exploration... Continue Reading →

Social Media Addiction

Do you find yourself checking Facebook the moment you wake up? Perhaps you routinely check your Instagram to see how many likes you’ve received across the day? Or maybe you scroll down your feed until you find something that rubs you the wrong way, so you can finally have that argument with someone online today.... Continue Reading →

Independent​ Travel

Travelling by yourself and discovering the world on a solo mission can be one of the most scary, yet rewarding things that we can possibly do in our lifetime. It's an experience which compares to nothing else. You’re given the opportunity to explore a destination on your own terms, while offering you all the space... Continue Reading →

Inequality Beyond the Altar

I first wrote this article in October of 2017- shortly before marriage equality was granted. In recent years, there is an increasing belief that there is more acceptance for our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) brothers and sisters due to the increased showcasing of LBGT culture and displaying of stereotypes through all forms of... Continue Reading →

Humble Heart with a Mission

Sitting on a rocky chair in a quirky cafe on Darby St, the soft aroma of fresh coffee fills the air amidst the hustle and bustle of early morning Newcastle. As a glass smashes on the floor at a nearby table a peaceful face emerges from the crowded street and sits down beside me. Meet... Continue Reading →

The Art of Sleeping

Tired of restless nights? Don’t stress, experienced sleeper Kieran Resevsky is here to help. Studies show that when it comes to sleep, the quality of your zzz’s is more important than the quantity. To find out how to get the best nights sleep I spoke to University of Newcastle (UON) PhD student, Romany McGuffog, who... Continue Reading →

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